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Proper maintenance and cleaning of your commercial refrigeration units will extend the life span of even the best appliances. These easy Miramar commercial refrigeration facts will help you take better care of your units, while saving energy, and money, reflecting an overall positive financial impact on your business. One of the most common reasons behind seemingly ineffective commercial refrigeration units is a simple one. Not properly shutting the unit off, dirty gaskets or broken gaskets all directly impair your refrigeration systems effectively and overall power consumption. If staff or customers don’t properly close the units, the commercial refrigerator works harder to replace the escaping air, wasting more energy and placing more stress on the unit. 

In the 1990s, it was learned that traditional refrigerants, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), were massively contributing to climate change and ozone depletion. The industry underwent a huge revamp, moving towards natural refrigerants such as ammonia, to reduce the carbon footprint of their products. 

Frederic Tudor started the trade in 1806, consisting of the harvesting, transport and sale of naturally formed ice for domestic and commercial applications. The rapid growth of the trade spawned industries such as meat prepping and packing, fruit and vegetables, and fishing to surge throughout the mid-1800s and onward. 

Did you know that commercial refrigeration units illuminated with LED lighting use significantly less energy than other types of bulbs? In an effort to be more energy conscious, businesses have been choosing refrigeration systems with LED and even motion-activated lights to reduce their power consumption. 

Not having adequate space behind your refrigerator will cause it to overwork and consume more power! Your commercial refrigeration unit’s manual will usually stipulate the recommended ventilation space, and it is best to follow this closely. If you don’t have your manual anymore, 2 inches is a generally suitable ventilation space to leave behind your units. Remember, your manual’s recommendation is best. From revolutionizing the agricultural industry to reducing the effect of global climate change, refrigeration has advanced unbelievably over the years. 

Named as one of the top 100 cities to live and start a family in the country because of its nationally recognized low-crime, excellent schools, parks within two miles of every neighborhood, Miramar Florida is the 5th largest cities in Broward County that continues to build for the future and embrace diversity. Families come to stay and grow in Miramar and commercial opportunities for entrepreneurs, healthcare, professional, and technology industries continue to expand, making it a recruiting heaven for local employers. The Corporate Park of Miramar is conveniently located with direct access to major highways like Sawgrass Expressway and Florida Turnpike, and only a short drive from all major seaports and airports. This Corporate Park is an ideal home for advanced manufacturing, corporate HQs, pharmaceutical, logistics, life sciences, distributions and emerging technologies. 

As a result of the boom in population happening in Miramar Florida there has been a huge growth in the restaurant and hospitality industry to follow. With this new growth the Commercial Refrigeration industry has skyrocketed, in regards to commercial air condition repair, commercial kitchen maintenance service needs and commercial refrigeration repair as a whole. Miramar Florida has a huge and diverse night life scene, from restaurants, beach bars and night clubs that utilize all ethnic cultures and modern flare. Precision Refrigeration & AC Repair has been the name to count on for all your commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment needs, serving Coral Spring Florida for more than a decade 


Commercial Beverage Dispensers

commercial beverage dispenser repair Miramar Florida

 A beverage dispenser allows you to set up a self-serve drink station at your buffet, catered event, hotel lobby, or cafe. Models are available in different shapes, sizes, and capacities, so you’re sure to find a drink dispenser for your low- or high-volume needs.

You can also choose from dispensers of different material configuration, colors, and styles to complement your establishment’s decor. commercial refrigeration air conditioning repair.

We Service All Major Air Conditioning Brands

Air condition repair in Miramar

These are the traditional types of Commercial Refrigeration HVAC system where you have components of the whole system that are both inside and outside the building. HVAC split systems will typically have: An air conditioner that cools the refrigerant.

Furnaces and a fan or evaporator coil to convert the refrigerant and circulate the air. We offer expert commercial refrigeration repair in Miramar Florida

Refrigeration Display Cases

Refrigeration display case repair in Miramar Florida

Increase impulse sales in your convenience store, supermarket, deli, or gas station by presenting your food items in a display refrigerator. These units are designed to keep drinks, salads, snacks, parfaits, foods, and even flowers chilled and fresh. 

Choose from items of different sizes, styles, and capacities to find the best commercial display refrigerator for your small or large area. For commercial refrigeration display case repair in Miramar Florida call today! 

Maintenance Service Contracts

Refrigeration Maintenance Contracts Miramar Florida

Commercial refrigeration maintenance usually isn’t that the top of most restaurant managers list of things to do, but many dangers can occur without preventive maintenance of appliances.

When kitchen and grocery store equipment seems to be working properly, it’s understandable that you may not be thinking about unexpected breakdowns, harmful mold growth, and diminishing energy efficiency. However, even when refrigeration equipment seems to be cooling perfectly, regular preventive commercial refrigeration maintenance is the key to continued success. Commercial Refrigeration in Miramar Florida.  

Refrigeration Display Merchandisers

commercial refrigeration repair in Miramar

Refrigerated merchandising equipment and freezers displays soft drinks, sodas, ice cream, and more. Browse glass door merchandising refrigeration that displays products like water, juice, sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

Display frozen foods like pizza, ice cream, and microwave dinners inside glass door reach in freezers. Utilize both merchandising refrigerator, and freezer for a combination. Open air-curtain merchandisers allow your customers to serve themselves. 

Commercial counter top refrigerators and freezers increase impulse sales. commercial refrigeration air conditioning repair Miramar.

Any Size Commercial Refrigeration

commercial refrigeration sales in Miramar

There are a number of different reasons anyone could be in the market for commercial-grade refrigeration units. When opening a new restaurant, over sized freezers and refrigeration units will be required to keep large amounts of food and liquor at the proper storage temperature. air conditioning repair Miramar Florida

If someone wants to turn their unused garage into a home bar, they might want some professional grade beverage and wine coolers. An expanding catering company purchasing space for a new kitchen will need some high-end refrigeration to store their various meats and other ingredients. Whatever the reason, in today’s online market it’s a snap to browse the large array of commercial refrigeration units and find the one that fits your specific needs. 

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