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What will be trending in the coming years for the Miami commercial restaurant scene? “There are many new things happening, but my prediction is that fast casual will make significant inroads. We’ll continue to see luxury ingredients served in a very simple fashion with self-service.” – Geoffrey Zakarian, Chopped judge, chef, restaurateur, and owner of Point Royal, The Lambs Club, The National, and The Water Club.

We’ve noticed an influx of chefs from Central and South America opening fine-dining restaurants particularly in the   Miami. I see people opening up to trying the flavors of Latin America, and I also see it spreading across the country. It wasn’t long ago where people didn’t know the difference between Mexican cuisine with foods from Cuba, Venezuela, etc., but that has changed and will continue to.” – Michelle Bernstein, chef and owner of Cafe La Trova, cookbook author, and television personality.

Anything healthy, gluten free and low carb is definitely the trend. Miami menus are seeing  new styles of Sashimis! Important to note that people in Miami are more educated and open-minded when it comes to food, so we are seeing that tasting plates are the  way to go as well. to go as well.

Street food is where it’s at! We have been noticing a substantial amount of street foods from diverse cultures popping up everywhere from social media to local eateries. These small unique concepts, include poke bowls, bahn mi sandwiches, to the vast number of street vendors hailing  from south east Asia and the middle east, seen hitting the markets by storm with no signs of slowing down. It gives a chance for the chefs to express and share his or her culture through nostalgia of flavor and tradition.


Snack / Small plate restaurants are getting stronger and reaching different types of food from different regions. I also feel that a large platter center of the table share style showpiece dish is starting to become part of the experience but fits in the concepts because it is energizing the tables and for sharing.

Chefs will be more aware of food waste in their kitchens. Our goal is to keep food waste to a minimum. I believe that diners will see more Mexican food and Mexican ingredients on their menus (Tacos, Tortillas, Aguachiles, Tlacoyos and Chilaquile). Miami will have a James Beard Award-Winning Chef (Ghee Restaurant!! )There will be more vegan options on menus. And recognized Latin American Chefs will open more restaurants in Miami.

When it comes to storing the product you’ll use in your menu preparation, the best advice is to play it cool — and more importantly, keep it cool. Proper refrigeration is an essential component of any foodservice business, whether you're operating a food truck, a dining hall or a 5-star restaurant. In any of these venues, the right refrigeration system preserves your product at the appropriate temperatures to prevent waste, protect taste and ensure quality. And all of that’s pretty cool.

Your refrigeration system saves you money by reducing food waste, but simply running it also costs you money through power usage. That makes it important to find the right-sized refrigeration options for your needs. Install a refrigeration system that is too large and you’ll be paying to cool empty space and hampering your all-too-narrow bottom line. Install one that's too small, on the other hand, and you'll quickly lose product to waste. The margin for error is slim and our blog will provide you with a comprehensive resource that you can use to analyze your needs. The better you understand them, the easier it will be to get the unit that’s perfect for your business without a wasted inch to spare.

No one ever said buying new commercial refrigeration equipment was cheap. And because of that, it pays to keep your system running properly for as long as possible. Purchasing quality equipment upfront plays a huge part in this, of course, but there are also things you can do on a weekly or even a monthly basis to maintain your system. Some things will require the services of a professional and others you can do yourself, but all will benefit your system. Use the information presented here to start a maintenance program that will keep your system running properly for years to come.

In areas like South Florida, say Miami commercial refrigeration service is a crucible element when it comes to keeping your kitchen running smoothly. We recommend establishing a preventive maintenance service agreement with a professional commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment provider, this will ensure your kitchen is kept operating at peak performance. 


When you’re running a restaurant or other type of commercial kitchen, the safety and health of your patrons depends on cleanliness. To that end, it’s important to eliminate as much bacteria and dirt as possible.

Commercial cleaning best practices include establishing guidelines for cleaning your restaurant and restaurant equipment, as well as for training employees on the cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen tools and equipment. Management should also engage in best practices by outlining a daily, weekly and monthly commercial kitchen cleaning schedule.

Wondering where to begin when it comes to the question of how to clean a restaurant kitchen? Say good-bye to your dirty restaurant kitchen and hello to a sparkling clean operation with these restaurant cleaning procedures and commercial kitchen maintenance tips.

Stainless steel is the preferred material in most commercial kitchen equipment. This isn’t just for aesthetics: some grades of stainless steel are bacteria- resistant. In order to keep your stainless steel commercial kitchen tools and equipment in top condition, use a wet cloth and mild detergent to clean and wipe in the direction of the finish.

If detergent and water aren’t enough, such as in the case of baked-on grease, use baking soda or a commercial cream cleaner. Rinse the surface and dry immediately following cleaning to prevent contamination. In addition to daily cleaning tasks, weekly, monthly and yearly commercial kitchen cleaning procedures are also imperative.

Weekly cleaning of restaurant equipment should include washing and sanitizing reach-in coolers; de-liming sinks and faucets; cleaning coffee machines and cleaning ovens.


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