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COMMERCIAL KITCHEN HOODS REPAIRED commercial equipment repair, commercial refrigeration Miami Gardens, Miami Beach

Our trained technicians provide expert service on all major brands of commercial kitchen hoods and exhausts in Miami Florida. 24HR/7 emergency service available. 


Precision Refrigeration technicians are experienced in the installation and repair of all major commercial kitchen stoves and ranges. Servicing Miami Florida for over a decade.  


Commercial kitchens in Miami depend on their steam tables and buffet tables to operate correctly; down time is not an option in the restaurant industry. Luckily, Precision Refrigeration can provide fast friendly service at competitive pricing. 


Griddles and commercial ovens are the back bone of most restaurant kitchens. These are restaurant staples that are relied upon the most, making sure they are performing correctly is crucial to any restaurant. 


Commercial salamanders and broilers are always running and therefore require frequent cleaning and maintenance to ensure they work when you need them. Miami restaurants have come to trust Precision Refrigeration with all their commercial kitchen repair needs. 


A commercial deep fryer is a critical part of any restaurant; these units are always in operating status which keeps them under stress as well. Making sure they are cleaned and maintained will ensure they are ready when needed. Convection ovens also need to be serviced regularly as to avoid mechanical failure issues and costly expenses. Commercial kitchen equipment repair!

Commercial Restaurant Equipment repair In Miami




Many commercial kitchens are equipped with various kinds of equipment and supplies. From commercial ovens to fryers, each appliance plays a critical part in the functionality of a restaurant. If a single piece fails, it can slow your staff’s ability to produce a quality food product. Maintaining Commercial kitchen equipment maintenance schedules in Miami Florida should keep your appliances in the best shape possible and reduce the risk of breakdowns. Commercial kitchen equipment repairs done right



Your restaurant depends on the ability to maintain efficient commercial cooking appliances. To help minimize issues, you should seek a commercial kitchen equipment maintenance schedule.  Here are a few benefits of keeping up with an equipment maintenance schedule.



When your restaurant equipment falters, the cost of repairs are only a small part of the overall expenses you will incur. You can also lose time and customers. Losing customers will hurt your bottom line in the long run. Although equipment failures happen unexpectedly, preventative maintenance can minimize the risk of getting caught in a dinner rush with a broken oven.


Purchasing commercial kitchen equipment in Miami Florida is a large investment. You want to get as many serviceable years out of your costly investment as possible. Having your appliances serviced regularly and properly tuned by a professional service technician will greatly increase the lifespan of your commercial kitchen equipment.





Many appliances within a commercial kitchen use water. These appliances are prone to lime-scale buildup. If your commercial kitchen equipment is not adequately cleaned and de-limed, it will not function efficiently. Drain lines can also become clogged with debris. Burners acquire grease buildup, which compromises their efficiency. Consider scheduling regular preventative maintenance to keep all of your appliances clean and running efficiently.





Serving fabulous food is crucial, but it is just as important to ensure that the food you are serving is safe to eat. If your commercial kitchen equipment is not properly maintained, it can become contaminated and covered with harmful bacteria. The exterior parts of most appliances are simple & easy to keep clean, but the internal parts can be tricky for you to access regularly. You should create a maintenance schedule with professional technicians to ensure that the internal parts are cleaned correctly and regularly.





No single piece of commercial kitchen equipment is ideal for all restaurants; one size fits all. You must choose the products that will most efficiently improve your establishment’s needs. Contact Precision Refrigeration of Miami Florida today and let us assist you with purchasing and installing the right equipment to maximize your commercial kitchen requirements.

Commercial restaurant equipment repair Hialeah Florida.
Commercial restaurant equipment repair Hialeah Florida.

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